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Always make sure the bop finishes on time.


When the party is in full swing it's tempting to keep going! But this will annoy the porters and could lead to future bops being banned.

'One more song!' is tempting, but it's not worth it!


Don't worry if the party doesn't get going immediately, most people will not dance until they have had a few drinks.

Don't hassle the DJ to "get things going", a good DJ knows to pace the night and get people dancing when the time is right.


Invite too many people. Don't be afraid to advertise the bop too much, a lot of people won’t turn up.


Invite people from other colleges. Hype Your bop Like It’s The Party Of The Year!

Print and display posters. Post adverts on social media.


Never have the bar in a separate room, this can be the kiss of death!


It's always best to keep everyone grouped together to create the best atmosphere.


It’s better to have too small a venue than too large.


If your bop is in a huge hall think about partitioning it so everyone is gathered in one place, you can always remove the partitions if more people arrive.


Give your guests something to do.


Some people will not want to dance. This is where our music videos and interactive bop board come into their own.


Don't overthink a bop theme. have a simple theme which people find easy to dress up for.

Here's a few bop theme ideas.


Hire a photographer.


Great photos will encourage more people to come to your next bop.


Make sure the room is as dark as possible.


The DJ lighting will be more effective this way, and people are more likely to let themselves go!


Book a professional DJ.


Student DJ's are good, but they tend to only play their own favourite songs!


Have some early special drink offers so people turn up promptly.


Once the dancing starts, try not to interrupt a bop for anything other than an important announcement.


Once a crowd's energy has been built on the dancefloor it's hard to rebuild after interruptions.


Limit the bop to 4 hours, 9 til 1 is ideal.


People will be mingling for the first hour, then slowly starting to dance for the 2nd hour, then a solid 2 hours of dancing until the end of the night. 4 hours is not too short and not too long.


Keep your guests informed and let them know what time the bop will end. If they are expecting it to finish at 2am and it finishes at 1am they will not be happy.


If you are having a musical theme like a 90's night, make sure everyone knows only music from the 1990's will be played.

Some music aficionados will get very annoyed if music from other decades is requested and played.


Before the bop starts, make sure you or one of the porters knows where the fuse board is.

If the power cuts out for some reason you need to know how to reset it as soon as possible.


Don't take it for granted that the porters know where the fuse board is, sometimes they don't.


Make it really easy for people to get into the bop. Put signs up on the gate of how to get in.


Send instructions in an email. Remember people want to get inside as soon as possible. Make this easy.

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